What is Pregnancy Plus Omega 3?

The importance of healthy fetal development cannot be stressed enough and many expectant mothers can be nervous about providing their babies the best start in life. Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 provides pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as those trying to conceive, with the essential fatty acids that cannot be obtained from diet alone. Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 helps with the development of the cardiac, circulatory and nervous systems and promotes the development of the brain and the eyes. It also helps baby’s cognitive development and attention span, and reducing the risk of a premature delivery and therefore minimizing any complications that come with an early birth. Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 has been designed by doctors for both mother and baby with optimal health in mind.


Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 softgels contain fish oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, natural mixed tocopherols and natural citrus flavor. The fish oil comes from a range of small fish including herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines. The softgels are, unfortunately, not suitable for vegetarians.


Three Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 softgels should be taken each day. It is unclear whether this needs to be with food or not, or if any particular time of day is more effective. It does not replace any other prenatal vitamins, so these and any calcium supplements should still be taken.


A bottle contains 90 softgels and will last the consumer for approximately one month. The cost is $17.95 for one bottle, but there are cost-saving benefits if the consumer purchases two or three bottles at a time, the cost being reduced to $15.98 per bottle when three are purchased.

Possible Side Effects

Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 is free from yeast, corn, gluten, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Whilst this gives no indication of any possible side effects, it does suggest that people who suffer allergic reactions from these ingredients should be safe to consume these softgels.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 does not offer a money back guarantee. Many reviewers rate the product favorably and the fact that it is easy to swallow and leaves no fishy aftertaste. As for whether it improves fetal development, it may be too soon for many reviewers to decide. The product has been created by doctors and the customer service team appear to be easy to contact should there be any questions or dissatisfactions.

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 softgels are an excellent way to ensure the appropriate fetal and early development, physically and cognitively, of your baby. They also ensure the health of new and expecting moms at a great price when purchased in bulk. The lack of artificial ingredients makes it quite safe for many users and allow expectant mothers to rest assured the product is not harmful to their babies. Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 does not replace other prenatal supplements, instead, it is an extra measurement to take for optimum health.

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