What is Omega 3 Supplements by Perricone MD?

The Omega 3 Supplements developed by Perricone MD is designed to improve metabolic and cardiovascular health. These supplements also aim to lower one’s risk of acquiring coronary heart disease. This diet supplement is also capable of hydrating the skin from the inside out. The Omega 3 Supplements do not contain synthetic colors, sugar substitutes, dyes, soy, and wheat.


The key ingredient of the Perricone MD’s Omega 3 Supplements is 3000mg of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. This contains:

  • Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids – 600mg
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Omega 3 Fatty Acid) – 330mg
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Omega 3 Fatty Acid) – 270mg

Other ingredients include:

  • Carrageenan
  • Lemon Oil (Natural)
  • Non-GMO Modified Corn Starch
  • Fish (Salmon)
  • Glycerin
  • Purified Water
  • Sorbitol


The instructions on how to use Omega 3 Supplements by Perricone MD are easy enough to follow. As recommended, the user will need to take one capsule three times a day along with a meal for weight maintenance. For weight loss, you will need to take three capsules, three times a day and with a meal.


One box of Omega 3 Supplements by Perricone MD costs $42.00. You can get an additional 10% discount if you sign up for Perricone MD’s complimentary replenishment promo. The Auto-refill program includes free shipping, reservation of products, on time delivery based on the duration that you have indicated, and option to cancel anytime.

Possible Side Effects

Based on the research that we have conducted, we found that the Omega 3 Supplements by Perricone MD work based on the reviews posted by their users. Many have noticed significant changes in their skin’s condition after weeks of using the product. There are those who experience some aftertaste when taking the supplement. Also, the Omega 3 supplement is not recommended for those below 18 years of age.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Perricone MD can provide refunds if you are not happy with the product that you have bought. However, only those supplements that have been bought directly from the manufacturer through their website or hotline number will be accepted.  Those that have been bought from retailers should be returned to them. The item must be returned within 30 days from purchase along with the receipt or a note with the order number and shipping details, plus your reason for returning the product. Perricone MD does not refund for overly used items.

The Bottom Line

According to our research, we found that the Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplement is a popular diet supplement to those who are in need of a constant source of Omega-3 fatty acids. There have been several reviews of the positive changes to their weight and skin health with the help of the Omega 3 Supplements. However, there are some customers who complain about the lingering aftertaste. The price is reasonable enough but there are other Omega-3 supplements that are cheaply priced, have the same effects, and without any aftertaste.

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