What are Ocean Blue Omega-3 2100 Softgels?

Ocean Blue Professional Omega-3 2100™ Softgels are a fish oil supplement, providing the Omega-3 fatty acids that have received significant attention in recent years. Ocean Blue markets their product as having the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids on the market and claim to have solved the “fish burps” or fishy aftertaste that accompany many fish oil supplements.


The Ocean Blue Omega-3 Softgels claim that a serving of two of their capsules delivers the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids available. The product lists 2100 milligrams of fatty acids, with 1350mg of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), 600mg of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), and 150mg of Doxosapentaenoic Acid (DPA) and other Omega-3 fatty acids. Along with the fish oil, the softgel contains the following ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Natural orange flavor
  • Mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E)


The Ocean Blue website does not provide any specific instructions, though on the back of the bottle the serving size is indicated as two softgels. Directions on the back of the bottle instruct users to take one or two softgels daily, with a meal.


The Ocean Blue website lists a 30-count, 60-count, and 120-count bottle of Professional Omega-3 2100 Softgels. The price scales evenly, with 30 softgels for $10.49, 60 for $19.99, and 120 for $39.99. If two capsules are taken per day, the price averages out to about 67 cents per day. Prices were a few dollars lower when we checked on Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

The fish oil in Ocean Blue’s Omega-3 Softgels comes from anchovy, and so people with fish allergies should stay away. While there is no reason to suspect that people with shellfish allergies should avoid this product, we advise to proceed with caution, as the proteins causing allergic reactions in various types of shellfish are similar to the allergy-causing proteins in anchovies. Furthermore, fish oil can sometimes be processed side-by-side with shellfish-containing products, and Ocean Blue makes no specific claims to be safe for people with shellfish allergies.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not find any manufacturer commitment on the Ocean Blue website. While conventional wisdom maintains that the health benefits of fish oil may not appear until after sustained use, this over-the-counter supplement does not come with any guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Ocean Blue Omega 3 Softgels seem to have addressed many people’s primary issues with taking a fish oil supplement: over-sized capsules, and the fish burps. Based on the reviews on Amazon and the Ocean Blue website, customers are pleased with the product and find the price either standard or expensive. In our view, while Ocean Blue’s claim to have more Omega-3 fatty acids than other products should be taken seriously, we do not equate this with an endorsement. Consensus is still pending on a standard recommended daily allowance of Omega-3 fatty acids, though recommendations for a minimum amount generally range between 250-500mg, and effective clinical doses can range from 200-4000mg. The hedged direction to take “one or two” tablets per day seems to us to address this. Consumers should consider how much Omega-3 fatty acid they will absorb with softgels, and how much is right for their body, health status, age, and physical condition.

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