What are NOW Ultra Omega-3 Softgels?

This is a review for NOW Ultra Omega-3 Softgels to serve as a resource for individuals who are considering purchasing the product. NOW Ultra Omega-3 Softgels are said to assist with overall cardiovascular health such as blood fat, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and other health conditions. This product contains fish oil which is said to help improve all of these health issues and keep the consumers’ cardiovascular system running smoothly.


The primary ingredient in this product is 1000mg of Natural Fish Oil Concentrate, which is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) – 500mg
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) – 250mg

The other ingredients listed are what is used to make up the capsule.


The directions for this supplement are listed clearly on the label and are easy to follow. The instructions state that the consumer should take 1-2 softgels daily with food.


The manufacturer offers two different options when it comes to purchasing this product. The customer has the option to purchase a bottle that contains 90 softgels for $23.99 or customers also have the option to purchase 180 softgels for $43.99.

Possible Side Effects

It is mentioned on the product that if you are nursing or pregnant you should not take this product. This supplement should be kept away from children. If you experience any issues with taking this supplement, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Also, consult your physician if you are taking any other medications. Some customers have experienced issues with an upset stomach and loose stools.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After conducting extensive research on the manufacturer’s website, I was unable to locate any details regarding a return policy or any notation regarding refunds or exchanges. Before any customer purchases this supplement, they should take the time to reach out to their customer service department to find out what their return policy is and if they have any money-back guarantees set in place.

The Bottom Line

NOW Ultra Omega-3 Softgels seems to be an effective product in terms of assisting with overall cardiovascular health. There were many positive reviews from customers who said that this helped with their rheumatoid arthritis as well as their depression and anxiety. Even though you can purchase this supplement for a reasonable price, there is no return or exchange guarantee listed clearly on the website for consumers to see. This may keep some consumers from trying this supplement due to the financial risk involved. Even though it does seem to be beneficial, it might not be worth the risk.

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