What is Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar?

The occurrence of diabetes can be a huge inconvenience on anyone and it can happen to just about anyone too as one of its causes is genetic. Supplements have been introduced in order to better manage diabetes and its prevention. Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar is one of those supplements as it aims to specifically target managing insulin levels through natural means.


Nordic Naturals states that they only use three naturally sourced main ingredients in their formula which are:

the Omega-3 used in Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar supplement has been sourced from deep sea fish such as anchovies and sardines and not from any farm raised fish or synthetic alternatives. The Omega-3 fatty acids contains 455mg of EPA and 315mg of DHA.

Other ingredients in this supplement include rosemary extract and beeswax which is used as a filling ingredient. Gelatin was also used in making the softgel capsule for Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar supplement.


The specified dosage, as written on the Nordic Naturals website, is two softgel capsules per day with food. It is not mentioned whether capsules should be taken together or apart and whether the difference between the two might have any implications on absorption and overall effects.


Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar is available for purchase directly from their website and on a number of third-party websites as well. When purchased directly, one bottle containing 60 softgel capsules, good for a one-month supply, will amount to $26.95.

Possible Side Effects

The three main ingredients used in Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar are naturally found in the body and do not normally have any side effects. However, any possible side effects directly related to Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar are not mentioned on their website nor are any restrictions for people with other medical conditions, people taking other supplements or medication, people under the age of 18, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There is also no mention of any effects that would warrant immediate cease of usage for this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no guarantee or return’s policy stated anywhere on the Nordic Naturals website nor are there any customer reviews displayed or any option to leave reviews. There is, however, a page where customers may contact staff for any queries or clarifications.

Lack of a guarantee paired with the absence of customer reviews is a mark against any product as it could possibly indicate a company’s lack of confidence in their own product and its effects and hence the constituents that went into making that product.

The Bottom Line

Nordic Naturals Omega Blood Sugar may be simple and straight to the point with their inclusion of only three simple and naturally sourced ingredients, but their website is severely lacking in information with nothing displayed on side effects, precautions, or restrictions. The display of directions for dosage is also unclear and there is an overall shortage of information on the site itself.

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