What is Triple Strength Omega-3?

Triple Strength Omega-3 is one of our top Omega-3 products which focuses on overall health. We were very impressed with how well this product works and it is one of our top picks out of all the Omega 3 products we have reviewed. It contains both EPA and DHA. It comes in easy to swallow softgels.


This product is made up of 2000 mg Fish Oil concentrate. Providing 800 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, natural citrus flavor.


This product comes in a softgel tablet form. Two of these softgel tablets should be taken daily, together with a glass of water. No further information was found about the time of the day it should be taken or before, during or after meals.


A single bottle of Triple Strength Omega-3 contains sixty capsules and will last up to one month. This bottle is priced at $34.95. They also have a buy 2 get 1 free for $69.90.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturers do not state any type of possible negative reactions and there were hardly any customer reviews that could explain these facts further. Omega-3 is known to be a safe supplement when taken as directed and ensuring you buy one that is tested and exceeds safety standards for mercury, PCBs and other heavy metals like Triple Strength Omega-3 is.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee but there are no further details stated on the subject. Some customer reviews were found, they were mostly positive but very superficial and with hardly any detail.

The Bottom Line

NewVitality offers an Omega-3 that is highly concentrated with over 800 mg EPA and over 400 mg DHA. That’s more per serving than found in many competitor fish oil products but not as much as others like our #1 pick. We like that these softgels have a Clear Interior Enteric-Coating that allows them to pass through the stomach acids and into the intestines intact to deliver maximum absorption without a fishy aftertaste, belching, odor or reflux problems. Lastly, it’s fortified with all natural antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to protect the freshness of the fish oil. The thirty-day money-back guarantee is great but we like it when manufacturers offer a more than a month for consumers to really commit to an Omega-3 regimen. Most people will not notice the changes until about a month in and a 30-day guarantee makes you feel like you have to make a decision after a mere 2 weeks.

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