What is Great HealthWorks Omega XL?

The review of the product Omega XL will assist customers to decide whether the product is good enough to be purchased or not. The product is a powerful Omega-3 joint health supplement which is a good concoction of 30 healthy fatty acids. It contains DHA and EPA which has proven to be quite beneficial in relieving joint pain caused due to inflammation. It also claims to further help to maintain respiratory health and helps in pain management. Omega XL is sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand, which are supposed to be among the cleanest waters on earth. Thus, consuming this supplement will help to lead a healthy and active life.


The main ingredients of the product Omega XL are:

  • Perna Canaliculus PCSO-524 patented oil extract
  • Natural monounsaturated olive oil
  • Vitamin E

The website states that this product is made up of 30 healthy fatty acids, but there is no information on what these are.


The product Omega XL is available in the form of small easy-to-swallow softgel capsules. The customer is advised to take 2 softgel capsules a day.


A bottle of the product Omega XL contains 60 servings. Two bottles of the said product can be purchased for $49.95. This is essentially buying one bottle and getting one free. The price is not mentioned for one bottle. The customer will have to additionally pay $9.95 for shipping and handling charges. So the total price for the product will be $59.90.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side effects of the product Omega XL is mentioned on the manufacturer’s site. However, as per the information from other sites, the consumption of the product may cause nausea, gas, and diarrhea in some people. It is advisable to the customers who are taking any medications, to check with their healthcare professional before consuming this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer has emphasized on the product’s purity and mentions that it does not give any fishy after-taste. The manufacturer provides a 90-day money back guarantee, excluding the shipping and handling charges, in case the customer is not satisfied with the product. There is no clear information about the ingredients and the amount present in the product Omega XL. There are no customer reviews present on the manufacturer’s site. However, reviews present on other sites show that the product is not too popular among the customers. Moreover, the product is expensive. Also, customers cannot order a single bottle of the supplement. Furthermore, no clear cut information is given about the supplement facts by the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

The company manufacturing the product Omega XL has focused more on the purity of the product as it mentions that the product has been sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand. The manufacturer has also provided a 90-day money back guarantee in case it fails to meet up to the expectation levels of the consumer. However, it fails to explain in detail about the ingredients present and the associated benefits. The information given on the website is not very comprehensive. Also, there are no discounts available if the customer prefers to go for bulk purchases. Furthermore, the product is expensive and the customer is forced to purchase two bottles in one go.

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