What is Country Life Natural Omega-3?

Country Life Natural Omega-3 supplements offer individuals a good source of this fatty acid. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that helps prevent heart disease and improve cardiovascular health. This supplement uses natural means to deliver Omega-3 fatty acids as it is made from fish body oil concentrate. You can learn more about this product by reading our full review located below.


Country Life Natural Omega-3 uses naturally extracted and processed Omega-3 fatty acids taken from fish such as mackerel, sardine, and salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to offer numerous health benefits to the body, primarily the heart. Benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease and regulating the cholesterol of the body. Recent medical research also showed that by including Omega-3 rich foods into your diet you can help treat depression and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Inactive Ingredient:

  • Garlic Oil Concentrate


The recommended adult dosage for this supplement is for two softgel capsules each day. It is ideal that you take one softgel capsule during meals and with a glass of water in order to help the body absorb the compound faster and smoother.

Possible Side Effects

There are quite a few known mild side effects for taking Omega-3 fatty acids, but these are rare and will most likely last for only an hour or so. It should also be noted that these side effects mostly occur due to overdosing on the supplement. These mild side effects include indigestion, loose stool, and queasiness. Another known side effect of taking Omega-3 supplements is that it may sometimes leave a fishy after taste and breath. In order to prevent these side effects from affecting you, consult with your doctor first to know the proper dosage level or at least find out if you will have any sort of allergic reaction to this supplement.


A bottle of Country Life Natural Omega-3 will contain about 100 softgel capsules and will cost around $12.19. You can choose the 300-softgel bottle if you need more supply and that one costs about $20.04. This supplement is definitely one of the more affordable Omega-3 fatty acid supplements on the market today.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The official website does not state any customer guarantee which would make potential buyers think twice about trying new products. Based on customer reviews, though, it appears that the product has a solid slightly-above-average rating.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Country Life Natural Omega-3 is one of the well-rounded Omega-3 supplements on the market today. It is relatively safe to use and contains only natural ingredients. We do have to note that one of the most prevalent side effects with this product is the after taste and the fish-like breath that it leaves certain users with. Not all users experienced this side effect, though. Another drawback of this product is the lack of guarantee.

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